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Update by user Jun 06, 2022

I've been called a liar just so I could get free pizza. I was threatened to have the cops called on me for following the employees instructions on talking to the manager Cindy if I had any questions. I was scolded for constantly placing orders with Casey's and I was told that they are "passing me along" to another store like I'm some sort of piece of crap and as if I was the actual problem.

Original review posted by user Jun 06, 2022

They don't even deserve 1 star! I've never in my life have been treated by a manager life this.

I've been in the HR field for over 20 years. Had any of my staff, or even myself, done this, we'd be out of a job immediately! I place orders through the caseys app virtually every other day and spend roughly $250 to $300 a week between food, gas and alcohol. I have had nothing but problems with this store constantly making my pizza wrong.

I order the same exact thing everytime and instead of bacon, they are constantly putting Canadian bacon on, which is ham. They also never give my extra ingredients that I pay extra money for. I've never once been rude and never once complained. Due to the nonstop errors with my orders, which always requires me to waste more gas and my time and have to go out to pick up the replacement, I utilize the notes section in the pick up instructions field.

I put detailed instructions in my order to try and avoid their constant confusion. I placed an order there this evening, since I knew the girl that was working would make my pizza correctly. This was done and paid for through the app. I just received a phone call from the store telling me I'm no longer allowed to order pizza from them since "they can't seem to get my pizza right" I asked her why in the world was I being penalized and humiliated to staff when I'm the good paying and loyal customer, who isn't the one making the pizzas incorrectly!

I was told this was under the direction of the store manager Cindy and if I wanted food from Casey's then I need to call a different location. I legitimately have never been so humiliated in my life. Instead of her retraining and talking with her staff, and even perhaps labeling the containers for the ingredients better, she chose to scold me like a child, humiliate me to the staff there and refuse to serve me due to absolutely nothing that I did wrong and because she is a horrible manager who needs a different job! In addition to this, I now have to wait for them to cancel my order and wait for my money to be refunded which could take a week or so.

This is completely and utterly disrespectful and unacceptable. Most especially from a manager?!?! I also live in a very small town and news around here travels really fast. Absolutely disgusting.

This manager, Cindy, of course won't be in until Monday morning in which I will absolutely be confronting her. However in the meantime, I've already filed a formal complaint against the manager Cindy and the store with the Casey's corporate office. I will also be leaving this review everywhere I can in hopes of preventing this from happening to other good paying customers.

I won't be letting this go until there is a proper resolution...including a formal apology, from this manager, in front of her staff. Horrible business practice and bad representation of Casey's.

User's recommendation: STAY FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! FYI - They also sell moldy food.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: I want a phone call from corporate to discuss the only acceptable resolution to me..

Caseys General Stores Pros: Good pizza when made correctly, Its across the street from where i live.

Caseys General Stores Cons: Horrible management, Moldy food, Terrible customer service, Poor employee training, Unprofessionalism.

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Because of them I got into an argument with my parents and said that my father had touched me as s child.


I see that some of my posts are deleted. You babies reported me. I hope you are all severely burned in a fire an paralyzed for life.


You claim to waste gas and time due to their errors. Then under pros, you say you live across the street. Doesn’t add up.


Exactly she is a liar. An abuser and it is no wonder they do not want her back.

She is a psychopath from the posts she wrote. In kindergarten, they teach honesty and how to treat people with respect.

She was probably absent those days. She is behaving like a two-year-old..


I hit kids in kindergarten


I live in the country. "Across the street" is still a good 10 to 15 miles away from my house.

So yes I most definitely waste my time and my gas to have to go back. Living in a small town we have a whole whopping 3 to 4 selections of food places.

Regardless, this was posted to share my experiences, not to question exactly how far I live from the store. Nevermind the fact that those kinds of details I really do not need to explain.

@Heather D Wzp

But foolish child. You posted close by

@Heather D Wzp

Don’t be stupid. “Across the street”, never means 10-15 miles away.


I never said that it was 10-15 miles. In kindergartn they teach you how to read.

You can't read. They also teach you that if you can't say anything nice.

Don't say anything at all. The restaurant is so close by that if they have ny orders ready I can go there and back in less than 10 minutes.


I did not drive there. I walked there and back. Took 16 minutes.


You are a spamming troll. I hope your whole family dies


I never said that I live across the street


I live a less than 5 minutes walk from there. I walked there and back. DoD not use gas.


I do. What is your point.

Just here to harassing mem . I hope you are badly disfigured and paralyzed in a fire.


Aww yes, the infamous little GIRL troll making impersonator accounts and arguing with herself in the comments. Little girl, you need to be sectioned.

You need HELP. You need guidance and morals.


I am not a little girl. I am 23 male If




Actually I ama 23 year old man. Not a little girl.

But you want me to be a child. That is what you are into. You think that I am a little girl. Why are you telling me that you and I should rent a hotel room with you so we can shower together.

Your moralsare corrupt.

Also telling someone that they are wrong is not trolling. Grow up.


The only person who is acting like a child is you.You are sic for even asking that when you suspect that the poster is a little girl. If you change your attitude.

I am sure that you can find women your age. That way you do not have to entice those who you suspect are children.


I also hope that the baby I attached because I was angry at Cindy and the parents die.

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