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well i always go there because i live in a small town of 2300 and US passoports are hard to come by because of the hardship of being able to get a passport in the first place. and im a native americe/ american indian. and she didnt accept my form of ID! i feel that this was a racist issue only only because i am native american/american indian but also because she didnt know how to read/ look at my form of ID! i would really like a respond to my complain!

my email is and the location of this particular general store/casteys general store is chamberlain south dakota 57325.

elder lady with black long hair at appromiately 730 a.m. tuesday april 27th 2010

Monetary Loss: $12.


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Companies and businesses have to follow the 50 States Laws.Student picture ID's, State ID's, and State Drivers Licenses are the only forms of ID's that are allowed by State Law in all 50 States.

The student ID's are usually for discounts and they cannot purchase age regulated items anyways. In Kansas, and probably most States, the Drivers License and the State ID's are designed different for minors. Adult ID's are read side to side and are longer side to side. The ID's for minors are read top to bottom and are long up and down athan they are side to side.

Businesses can also refuse business to anyone without cause under "Free Enterprise". I am American Indian myself. Try to give the store the benefit of the dought. Good luck, hope this information helps.

Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Miami County Kansas Sheriff,


Racism???? WTF????

Look I live in a country outside the US. When I am home I have to travel on my passport. When I buy smokes or beer I am carded. Since I don't have an American drivers license I use my passport as ID. Most people I meet have no idea what it is and have no way to varify the validity of the document. So I have to explain what is is with a smile and 99% of the people understand whats going on. I even buy smokes on the Nesqually reservation and the people who work there are friendly and polite. First few time I went in I had to explain. But again they don't wear their race as a chip on their sholder either.

So kick that chip off yer sholder and get the *** over it. Open your mouth and explain what the document is.

Not everyone is like you and see's racism around every corner. Grow the *** up!

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