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Check my bank and had 37.10 in account. Went and was going to get 15.00 gas pack of smokes and 15.00 in cash back.

36.49. The dumb*** rang me up for 36.49 and said it didn't go threw. Slide again. So I Swiped card again and she said it was declined.

So got phone and looked at bank and said there is the charge for 36.49 in my account and then it showed another charge for a 1.20 on a second charge to the same store. And I asked why do I have two charges on my account the manager said its pending and it will be credited back to your account Monday. I said miss I had 37.10 in my account and I have two charges for over that. Because it was a pending charge I couldn't get gas I didn't get my smoke and the 15.00 in cash was not given to me so I am stuck at my house and no cash for saint patricks day and why they did these and wouldn't clear and re credit the charge is so far beyond me I am so *** pissed off right now.

So basically in a nut shell I got nothing and they have my money pending in there system and my account is now over drawn by 67 cents and being stuck at home with nothing now. And the freaking store is a block from me. {{Redacted}}. I called back in and asked the lady if she would recredit my card and the BI*tch said there is nothing I can do till money.

I then said. Are you *** serious. I gave the smokes back. I NEVER PUMP ANY GAS AND DIDNT GET MY 15.00.

What if I was passing Though here. What drive back 700 miles and get the gas smokes and cash Monday. If it's approved. I am out 36.49 and stuck for 2 days and *** this store and caseys period.

Corprate is going to hear about this and it's lawyer time.

And for my mental stress and them illegallly over charging me AND LOCKING UP MY MONEY on saint Pattys day weekend. THEY WILL PAY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Caseys General Stores Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Lawyer will probably cost more than the 37 u got charged for and corporate has to credit your account not the store bc they dont have that access..

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