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Update by user Nov 10, 2015

we had to retain an attorney to help my son. he says the state cannot charge a minor a $700 fine.

its a small misdeamanor. he is working on getting the charge overturned and says the employer will have some more problems.

so finally someone has helped us out. to bad casey's insipid reputation is more important that human beings.

Original review posted by user Nov 04, 2015

my son, a 17 year old, was hired at casey's just over a month ago. he signed some kind of paperwork regarding id'ing people and that it was his job to follow the law.

his manager told him otherwise, and he was caught in an id scam and fired and fined $700. casey's in their ineptitude says that have their butt covered with the waiver so they dont really care what happens to my son. i am never going to casey's again and i would suggest a boycott of casey's. his manager was a complete *** and his asst manager was charged with DUI and not fired and my son said he was constantly coming to work drunk.

my son was screwed out of a job. i think the manager is still there. i am irate!!!!

personally i think they set him up. this manager was counting money on the floor behind the counter, what the???

Product or Service Mentioned: Caseys General Stores Manager.

Reason of review: inept management.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Caseys General Stores Cons: Horrible treatment.

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thanks. my son was released from all charges.

not fined. he is a minor. casey's should not allow minors to sell the products which would get them in trouble. or simply not hire them until they are 18.

since he was a minor he couldn't be charged with anything. what a waste of time and a hard worker.


My mother was scammed over the phone by someone acting as a corporate employee. They knew things only an employee should and she asked all the needed info to assure she was talking to an actual casey's employee.

Then she's told that it was a scam and instead of investigating who is blind siding the company the fire her.

So was it the other pos manager that realized she was prolly gonna lose her job because my mom actually worked and made her look bad or is there an inside *** from corporate getting away with scamming the store's. Every casey's ive been to has horrible management and full of people who dont care and when someone does they get rid of them to make themselves look good.


Cut the cord!




oh ya a couple of other things, the store safe is not secure. it is out in the open so anyone can see it.

huge security violation! how does a manager keep a job??? i dont get it.

my son didnt.

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